18 November 2008

non zakareun FutureMe.org post

for assistance in how to read ZUMEL/zacanese, check out the first post here

Dear Zac.

you've been in rajahmundry india for nearly 10 months. the site is a mess, presure all around, motley crew of TAs who are somehow getting it done. you are in love with an amazing girl named julia. she is the controls TA and makes it possible to live/work/breathe in this place. where is she now? beside you, do you talk to her, have you both moved on? i hope for the former.

you currently have a wicked mosquito bite/something that is swollen and red and icky. hope you are still alive to read this.

your nephew colton is 5 years old, going to pre-school, and loving it. you miss him terribly. hopefully you can see him soon, he's so great. sadly, you had to wait another 58 days at least. you've been out of the country so long that you can get your federal taxes back. you are sacrificing one year of your life for a bit more money to take care of the people you love.

there are a lot of mixed verbs in this because i don't know how i sould read it when i get it in 3 years.

red and amy were married in august
clint and amy were married in april
EJ and chris were married in july before he went to iraq(secretly)
chad is dating jackie blon
christy is with juddy
taylor is with erin (bought a truck instead of a ring)
jane ann is married to andy and they are expecting their 3rd kid in march
and you are with julia...

how much of that is the same?

no matter, she's amazing and you enjoy and want to remember every moment with her. she's made you smile like no other.

hope you are in a better place. if not, get your ass moving.


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